Stationary Pencil Tip (AmbuTech)

Alternate Hook-On Cane Tip - The Traditional Model

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Product Features

Designed and molded with long-wearing nylon.
Measures 1/2" in diameter, similar to the shafts of our folding white canes.
Hook tip on the end of your cane quickly and safely.
Grab one and see which one you like.

Product Description:

We've all heard that expression: "Old habits die hard!". And perhaps that old pearl of wisdom really does apply to this basic, no-frills white cane tip that's been in use for ages.

Even though the marshmallow tip is the model of choice for most cane users these days, some folks who've been using a cane for a while may be more used to the feel of using their cane with a basic tip - which acts just like a short extention of the cane itself. Our pencil tip is molded out of long-wearing nylon, and is half an inch in diameter, just like the shafts of our folding white canes themselves. And yes, it does have the hook on the end, meaning you can quickly secure it in place, without worrying about it slipping off while crossing the street.

You know what? If you're not too sure which tip you would prefer, you can always grab one of each - switching them around takes but five seconds!

Package Weight: about 0.4 ounces.

(From the White Canes shelf.)

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