Rolling Ball Tip (AmbuTech)

No Ordinary Cane Tip: Rolls Along the Ground

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Product Features

Well-designed next generation cane tip.
For use in all places, especially outdoors.
Rolls easily along the ground; much easier on the arm.
Ideal for constant contact technique; audible tap is eliminated.
Features a large hollow sphere (2" in diameter) with encased stainless-steel roller bearing.
Hook-on style makes for easy attachment to our compact, folding, or kiddie canes.
Lightweight and easy to maneuver; handles road obstacles and cracks in the pavement.

Product Description:

This is a fantastic, next-generation cane tip! It's well-suited for use anywhere, but simply shines outdoors. The tip hooks onto the bottom of the cane (just like all the others), but instead of staying in one place like the stationary models, this one rolls whenever you're walking and the cane is touching the ground. This offers you greater sensitivity and visibility while traveling. The audible tap is also eliminated, as this tip is ideal for the Constant Contact Technique.

So how does it work, anyway? Basically, this quality tip consists of a large hollow sphere (two inches in diameter) with an encased stainless-steel roller bearing. Its hook-on style provides for easy attachment to any of our folding white or kiddie canes. The rolling tip is lightweight and simple to maneuver, and easily handles road obstacles and cracks in the pavement.

This roller tip truly makes cane travel a lot easier - and much less tiring, too (as you don't have to keep lifting and tapping the cane). Most users agree it's well worth the price!

Package Weight: about 2.5 ounces.

(From the White Canes shelf.)

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