Stationary Marshmallow Tip (AmbuTech)

Spare/Replacement Cane Tip - Hooks On in Seconds

Item Number: 1126

Price: $3.49
Shipping: FREE

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Product Features

This tip comes with folding white canes and kiddie canes.
Can buy separately as replacement.
Simply unhook the old tip and hook on the new one; just takes seconds.
Molded in nylon and designed to last.

Product Description:

Yes, this is the very same tip that all our folding white canes and kiddie canes come pre-loaded with. Even though this heavy-duty cane tip is molded in nylon and is designed to last quite a while, regular or continuous use will wear it out - sooner or later.

Our Marshmallow Tip gets its name from its shape; it looks very much like that sweet, messy treat we all love roasting over the camp fire. But unlike the candy, these marshmallows are designed to last, and never go astray. They have a hook on the end, meaning you simply pull out and unhook the old tip and hook on the new one, when it's time to replace a warn-out, no-longer-round marshmallow.

Package Weight: about 0.7 ounces.

(From the White Canes shelf.)

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