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Metal Glide Tip (AmbuTech)

Long-Lasting Cane Tip - Well-Suited to Indoor Use
Item Number: 1119

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Product Features

  • Made of metal; lasts longer than traditional nylon tips.
  • Offers improved sensitivity and a livelier feel; great choice for blind travelers.
  • Lightweight; generates more distinctive, audible tap.
  • Allows easy navigation through large, indoor buildings.
  • Hook-on style; just attach it to the cord inside your cane.
  • Package Weight: about 0.5 ounces.

Product Description

Out of all the tips we offer, we'd say that this particular one is the second most popular choice among blind travellers. That's because it's made of metal, which not only lasts longer than traditional nylon tips, but also offers improved sensitivity and a livelier feel.

This metal tip is also lightweight, yet produces a more distinctive, audible tap, making it especially ideal for use indoors. Whether you'll be attending a week-long convention, pouring over books at school or college, or browsing through the latest and greatest merchandise at the mall, you may very well appreciate this cane tip when navigating through large, indoor buildings. And of course, it's the good old hook-on style, meaning you attach it to the cord inside your cane once, and never worry about it coming loose again - unless you wish to remove it, that is.

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