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Digital Jukebox

Manages Your Music, Loads Your MP3 Player and More
Item Number: 1041
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Item Number: 1041-1
A download link and license key ar Emailed to you within hours of your purchase. Windows 10 is required.

Price: $49.95 Shipping: FREE From our Distribution Center
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Physical CD

Item Number: 1041-2
A physical CD and license card are mailed to you. Suitable for older versions of Windows.

Price: $54.95 Shipping: FREE From our Distribution Center
A physical CD and license card are mailed to you. Suitable for older versions of Windows.

Product Features

  • Computer software package, completely accessible to the blind.
  • Utilizes high-quality MarvelTalk speech system.
  • Import and export books and music.
  • Convert a variety of file formats.
  • Play, burn and organize audio CD's.
  • Easily create multiple playlists.
  • Download podcasts and access Internet radio stations.
  • Readily organize files and folders.
  • Set bookmarks; hide program in background,.
  • Adjust DJ volume so music plays in background while you work with your screen reader.
  • Loaded with features, advanced options, and flexibility.
  • Powerful, intuitive, fully-narrated program.
  • Completely compatible with our Baykel Talking MP3 Player.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10.

Product Description

This powerful software package is so loaded with features, so fast and easy to use, and just so fun besides - that it's difficult to know where to begin! But in a nutshell, Digital Jukebox is an all-encompassing talking digital audio management solution put out by MarvelSoft Corp. (the makers of such highly-acclaimed software packages as Talking Typing Teacher and Talking Toolbox). Our self-voicing, user-friendly software programs are used around the world in homes, businesses, schools, nonprofit training centers, and government agencies by blind and visually impaired students, professionals, and computer users of all ages and abilities. And now, at long last, we are adding an exciting new offering to our product line.

So what's all the fuss about? Plenty, to be sure! Digital Jukebox is a powerful multimedia package that gives low-vision and totally-blind people full control over their music library. All from inside this single, intuitive, fully-narrated program, you can play and organize audio CD's, copy music to and from your MP3 player, create playlists of your favorite tracks, sign up for and download podcasts - past or present, listen to Internet radio stations, and a whole lot more. Your new high-tech jukebox allows you to import music from audio CD's, a portable MP3 player, the world wide web, or even from albums you may have already stored elsewhere on your computer's hard drive. Of course, you can collect, store, organize and play a virtually unlimited number of CD's, songs, and other audio tracks. Then, sit back and listen to your favorite tunes in front of your computer, while enjoying simple controls, state-of-the-art skip and search features, and the ability to zap a song in seconds. Or take your music with you by copying it onto your MP3 player, burning it on a CD, or exporting it so it's small enough in size to Email to a friend or colleague.

But it doesn't stop there - oh no. Adding music to your talking jukebox is just the beginning. You have the ability to create as few or as many folders and sub-folders as you wish in order to keep your ever-growing audio library well-laid-out. With just a few keystrokes or clicks of the mouse, you can move, rename, copy, edit, delete, or manipulate one track, a whole CD, or even an entire batch of CD's. Numerous navigation hotkeys and functions are also found within your Jukebox, making it a breeze for you to skip ahead a few seconds, several minutes, or even for a designated amount of time - not to mention the handy Quickmark feature, which remembers the last file you were listening to and where exactly you were in that file. A couple other noteworthy features include the option of adjusting your music volume separately from your master volume (meaning you can have your music playing quieter than your screen reader); and a special Hide function which will cause the program screen to disappear (even though your music continues to play). For the more advanced computer guru, Digital Jukebox also provides plenty of technical options, such as allowing you to choose your preferred Wave, MP3, and WMA encoding format, the ability to convert files on the fly, and a whole host of other advanced options which enable you to configure the program precisely how you want.

Unlike other media players out there, Digital Jukebox isn't just somewhat or mostly accessible; it's totally and completely usable! True to MarvelSoft style, this program was built from the ground up with the needs of blind and visually impaired people in mind. Every function, from simply playing or pausing a song, to the more advanced area of creating a project and burning it to a CD, is easily accomplished with a few hotkeys or menu selections. Furthermore, our MarvelTalk Speech System is once again employed throughout the product, giving you that winning blend of pre-recorded, digitized human speech for all menu items and options, and clear, concise synthetic speech for varying information, like album and track names. Digital Jukebox is the first and only player of its kind - and makes the portable music revolution as fun and easy for blind folks as it is for their sighted peers!

System Requirements: The Digital Jukebox software program doesn't need a whole lot of CPU power to run effectively. All that's really required to use the software is a PC running Microsoft Windows (every version from Windows 10 down to good old Windows '98 is supported). The program files take up less than 100 MB of storage space on your hard drive, and your computer will need at least one USB port in order to load music onto your MP3 player - which is the norm these days. And speaking of MP3 players, our software is compatible with any make or model of player, as long as it can be accessed through an actual drive letter once connected to your computer. As such, note that Digital Jukebox cannot load music onto the Apple iPod.

There is one other quick point we ask you to kindly keep in mind. Digital Jukebox is not sold or licensed for the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted works. In other words, you should only use the software to copy your own CD's or music - not those which belong to anyone else. Thank you for helping us protect the rights of all our favorite artists by cutting down on music piracy!

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