Bell Basketball

A Regulation-Size Basketball with Two Bells In It

Item Number: 1204

Price: $14.95
Shipping: FREE

Larger picture of our Bell Basketball - If you don't hear any sound, click here Read the Instruction Sheet

Product Features

Standard size and weight of a professional ball.
Two large bells inside the ball make noise whenever it is in motion.
Blind players can now join in with basketball, a game of catch, or pool fun.

Product Description:

Next in our ever-popular line of audible balls, our Bell Basketball is a must-have for real sports fans. Down to the last detail, this ball is just like a professional one, from the weight to the texture. It even bounces just as you'd expect.

The only thing that sets our basketball apart from all the other ones you've played with before is that there are two small bells inside, which make a jingling sound whenever it's bouncing or rolling. Not only is this ball handy for the official game of basketball or a catch match, but it's also well-suited for less formal games of Pass, and makes an awesome toy in the pool. So grab one of these special basketballs, and head outside for some real fun.

Measures about 9-1/2 in. in diameter

Package Weight: about 1.4 pounds.

(From the Sporting Goods shelf.)

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