Rattle Soccer Ball

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Attractive Soccer Ball - That Makes Constant Noise

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Product Description:

F: Regulation size five ball; follow your ball anywhere.
Features dozens of "rattlers" carefully installed between the layers of the ball near the outside.
Makes sound even with the slightest movement.

This is truly a next-generation audible soccer ball! Instead of having a few bells inside the ball to make a tinkling noise whenever the ball is in motion, our Rattle Soccer Balls feature dozens of "rattlers" carefully installed in between the layers of the ball itself - near the outside in fact. What this means for the blind ball-player is that there are countless self-contained and individual areas all around the ball from which a distinct rattling sound can be heard.

Because there is so much more sound equipment present inside each of these soccer balls, they are an excellent first choice for someone unfamiliar with playing ball games by listening for the ball. Not only will the ball make a constant gentle rattling noise while hitting, rolling, or flying through the air, but touch it ever so slightly and you'll also hear a rattle, making it easier for you to locate it if you accidentally bump it away when getting ready for that perfect power-kick!

True, these rattling balls are a little heavier than a traditional soccer ball, so once you've become accustomed to playing ball by ear, you will likely wish to switch over to a Bell Soccer Ball. But if you've never experienced the joy of kicking or throwing a ball around in the back-yard before, this ball will prove invaluable in training you to become a Pro soccer player!

Not only is this soccer ball pleasant to listen to, but it's also attractive to look at! It's white and silver in color, and is an instant favorite among visually impaired and sighted kids alike. This size five ball is the same size as standard soccer balls you'll find in your local sporting goods supply stores, and has been designed with durability and practicality in mind - not to mention affordability!

Package Weight: about 1.1 pounds.

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