Bell Volleyball

A Well-Made All-Purpose Ball - With Bells Inside
Item Number: 1182

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Product Features

  • Color: Blue and Yellow.
  • Regulation size and weight of a professional ball.
  • Standard volleyball measures 8.1" in diameter.
  • Large metal bells inside make noise whenever ball is in motion.
  • Made of PU Leather with Latex bladder.
  • Versatile, all-purpose jingling ball.
  • Measures about 8-1/4 in in diameter.
  • Package Weight: about 9.1 ounces.

Product Description

Now here's a first for the blind sports enthusiast! Never before has an audible volleyball been made available on the market - and never before has one lonely new type of ball generated so much interest among our customers!

If you had to choose only one sporting ball to have rolling around in your gym or yard, this one could be it! Being almost exactly the same size as a soccer ball, an audible volleyball could easily be substituted for a soccer ball in a backyard game of Soccer (or Football as our European friends call the game). Yet a volleyball's lighter weight lends itself beautifully to other impromptu or informal games - like Kickball, Handball, or even for use in the swimming pool or at the beach. Indeed, the official sport of Volleyball calls for a ball that's sturdy and well-made - yet one that's lighter than a soccer ball. The reason? Volleyball is played almost exclusively with the hands.

This blue-and-yellow volleyball has a few jingling bells inside. Whether you've just thrown the ball across the yard or are waiting as it rolls towards you on the grass, these bells make a gentle yet completely audible tinkling sound during the entire time the ball is in motion.

Made of PU Leather with a Latex bladder, the ball measures 8.1 inches in diameter. It's truly a multi-purpose ball that's bound to get equal use in the schoolyard and the Olympics - and everywhere in between.

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