Welcome Back, Snow White

Series: Volume 11

Walt Disney Productions, 39 pages, about 1200 words

Item Number: 2284

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Product Description:

A royal invitation has just arrived from Snow White's castle. It seems the princess is coming to stay with her old friends, the seven dwarfs. For them, it's going to mean hours of work to turn their tumble-down cottage (complete with ripped curtains, broken chairs, dirty dishes and unmade beds), into a house fit for a queen. Everyone's enthusiastic about the clean-up - but no one's talking to anyone else. Doc washes all the dishes and sets them out to dry. Not knowing they've already been washed, Sleepy dumps them back in the sink to soak. Before Doppy can sweep up his great pile of dust, Sneezy crashes into it, pouring his water on everything ... and everyone. Pretty soon, their home looks worse than when they started cleaning. If these dwarfs are going to fix the place up in time for the princess, they're going to have to stop bungling everyone else's jobs and start working together. It's ten times easier to do the job if you have someone else to help you; but first you have to learn the true value of teamwork.

For ages 4 to 8.

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