Help - What is a Text-Braille Book?

Pamphlet courtesy of Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

The most basic book for blind kids is, naturally, Braille-only books. These are books with no print in them whatsoever. - Simple enough.

Most Children's books are also offered in Text/Braille. Essentially a step up from the Braille-only books, these are simply the former with the printed text (no pictures or illustrations) on the left page and the accompanying Braille text on the right page. So, every time you turn just one page, you can read either the print or Braille text. This allows a sighted parent, teacher or older sibling to read along with a child, so that both sighted and blind children and their parents and teachers can enjoy reading these beautiful stories. The selection of Text/Braille books is vast, meaning you can find just the right story for the child you're shopping for. And best of all, when you're running your fingers over the lines of Braille, anyone with sight can still see every word of the print!

Basically, all you need to keep straight is that Text/Braille books have both the Braille and print text, whereas the Braille books have just the Braille - no print. That's it. Happy reading!

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