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The Fox and the Hound

Walt Disney Productions, 25 pages, about 1400 words
Item Number: 3252

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Our story begins in the midst of a warm summer afternoon, deep in the heart of a peaceful wood. Todd, a care-free fox, and Copper, a happy-go-lucky hound, meet on a hollow log. Now, They're both too young to know that a fox and a hound can never be friends. For them, they're just two happy animals, laughing and playing the tranquil summer days away. But all that changes in a flash, when a mean old hunting dog discovers the fox playing with his little hound. Between Chief and Amos the hunter, they drive Todd away from their farm. In no time, the fox and the hound have both learned that their differences make it impossible for them to play together. But the enduring bond of two childhood friends can never truly be broken. The fox and the hound will always be friends ... no matter what anyone says.

For ages 4 to 8.

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