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Scrooge and the Magic Fish

Series: Volume 12
Walt Disney Productions, 39 pages, about 1400 words
Item Number: 3285

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Scrooge McDuck loves money. He loves it so much he's hired his nephew, Donald Duck, to count and polish the coins all day. And because he's family, Scrooge doesn't have to pay him very much. That's good, because Scrooge doesn't really like to spend his fortune - he'd rather make more. So when he sees a sign at the Millionaires Club promising a generous reward to whoever can catch the biggest fish, Scrooge is hooked. And, hidden in the deep water, he finds a whopper of a fish that'll surely win him the contest. But Mr. McDuck is about to learn what money is really worth. No amount of wealth can make a greedy man happy ... and the magic fish on Scrooge's line is about to teach him a very important lesson.

For ages 4 to 8.

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