Mickey's Tattered Tale

Walt Disney Productions, 28 pages, about 1800 words

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Product Description:

Winter is over, and the town is celebrating by throwing a costume party at the nearby ballroom. It's a big day for Mickey too - Minnie has asked him to join her there for a date! He spends the afternoon picking out a brand-new tuxedo, fitting a top hat, and buying just the right roses. But everything is about to go wrong. Forget about a happy-go-lucky dog, a crazy florist and an irritable old woman ... they'll be the least of his troubles if Mickey doesn't remember their tickets. Mickey's first date is turning into a disaster! What is Minnie going to say when she sees her date at the dance looking like a drowned rat, carrying one wilted rose, and dragging a mud-covered, excitable puppy?

For ages 5 to 8.

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