Marvin's Best Christmas Present Ever

by Katherine Paterson, 24 pages, about 1000 words

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Product Description:

"Although his sister, May, always makes the best presents, Marvin is determined to create a Christmas gift his family will never forget. Noticing the pretty wreath his neighbors place on their door, Marvin decides that it would be an ideal way to dress up the blank side of their trailer. His mother and father are duly impressed, but when the snow has melted away into spring, and the wreath begins to turn brown, the family breaks the news to Marvin that it's finally time to remove the wreath. They discover, though, that a new family needs it - a family of birds - so it looks like the wreath is there to stay. With tender simplicity, Paterson spins a story of generosity, teamwork, and a young boy's ingenuity." - Kirkus Reviews.

For ages 4 to 8.

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