Li'l Wolf Saves the Day

Series: Volume 16

Walt Disney Productions, 39 pages, about 1600 words

Item Number: 2289

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Product Description:

On a warm Summer's afternoon, Big Bad Wolf is strolling along a country path, thinking about his favorite meal ... pigs! For a hungry wolf, it's such hard work always trying to catch those fast little morsels. And then ... the pigs come to him. They're having their annual country fair, and hundreds are coming for fun and games. Big Bad Wolf can't take his eyes off the sign. Meanwhile, Li'l Wolf is playing with Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Pig as they head for the fair together. But the guards won't let the friendly little wolf in. "You're different," they announce gruffly. "Only pigs are aloud. And you're not a pig - you don't fit in." Li'l Wolf is loping sadly away when he sees his Pop barreling up the path, headed for a pork-and-bacon feast. Can Li'l Wolf find a way to make the pigs accept him as a friend ... before Big Bad Wolf makes a meal out of them?

For ages 4 to 8.

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