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Lady and the Tramp

Walt Disney Productions, 28 pages, about 1600 words
Item Number: 3236

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Lady, a happy young Cocker Spaniel, is enjoying a comfortable life with Jim and Darling Dear. She couldn't do without the afternoon playtime with Darling, and the race home with Jim is always something to look forward to. The addition of a new baby just makes things even more perfect. But Lady's world is turned up-side-down when Jim and Darling head off for the week-end, leaving bad-tempered Aunt Sarah in charge. Well, Aunt Sarah's got it in for Lady, and soon the little dog is running from everything she once loved. She befriends a stray dog, escapes a hated muzzle, and is tempted by a plan to run off with a tramp for good. Never the less, Lady discovers that there's nothing like a loving family. It might be worth sticking things out until the Dear's return. After all, there seems to be no place in the world quite like home.

For ages 4 to 8.

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