Judy Blume Books

A healthy balance of everyday problems and lighthearted humor characterizes this beloved and very popular set of Braille books for blind middle-schoolers.

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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
by Judy Blume, 127 pages. Living with his little brother, Fudge, makes Peter Hatcher feel like a fourth grade nothing. Whether Fudge is throwing a temper tantrum in a shoe store, smearing smashed potatoes on walls at Hamburger...
Item Number: 3741
$19.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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by Judy Blume, 153 pages. Fudge is back - and driving his brother, Peter, crazy, as usual. This five-year-old human hurricane is more trouble than ever. His latest plan is to marry Peter's sworn enemy, Sheila Tubman (how disgu...
Item Number: 3742
$23.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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by Judy Blume, 189 pages. Sometimes life in the Hatcher household is enough to make twelve-year-old Peter think about running away. His worst problem is still his younger brother, Fudge, who hasn't changed a bit since his craz...
Item Number: 3743
$29.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Double Fudge
by Judy Blume, 231 pages. Money, money, money. I love Money, Money, Money. is Fudge's new money theme song. He's drawing dollar signs at breakfast, thumbing through catalogs at bedtime, and making enough "Fudge Bucks" so he ca...
Item Number: 3744
$36.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great
by Judy Blume, 143 pages. The Tubman family's plans to spend summer in Tarrytown actually sound like fun until Shiela discovers that their rental home comes with a dog and she'll have to take swimming lessons ... two of her gr...
Item Number: 3745
$22.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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by Judy Blume, 155 pages. A person who can laugh at herself will be respected, right? But Linda doesn't laugh. And maybe that's the problem. There's something about her that makes Jill and a lot of kids in her fifth-grade clas...
Item Number: 3746
$24.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Here's to You, Rachel Robinson
by Judy Blume, 219 pages. This book is a companion to Just as Long as We're Together, narrated by Stephanie's best friend. Rachel's a straight-A student, on every teacher's wish list of Natural Helpers, and she practice...
Item Number: 3747
$34.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Iggie's House
by Judy Blume, 127 pages. Iggie's house just isn't the same. Iggie is gone, moved to Tokyo. Winnie's left on Grove Street where she's always lived, with no best friend and two weeks left of summer.

Then the Garber family mo...
Item Number: 3748
$19.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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It's Not the End of the World
by Judy Blume, 177 pages. Karen has decided she'll never get married. Just look at her parents. All they do is fight. And now Karen's dad has moved out of the house and they're talking about divorce. But despite their fighting...
Item Number: 3749
$27.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Just as Long as We're Together
by Judy Blume, 311 pages. Rachel is Stephanie's best friend. Since the second grade they have shared all their secrets, good and bad. So when Alison moves in, Stephanie hopes that the three of them can be best friends because ...
Item Number: 3750
$48.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself
by Judy Blume, 335 pages. Who do you tell when you're certain that Hitler is alive, retired, and living in Miami Beach?

It's 1947, and Sally J. Freedman is full of wild ideas. She's got her eye on handsome Peter Hornstein, ...
Item Number: 3751
$52.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Then Again, Maybe I Won't
by Judy Blume, 175 pages. "That's an interesting way to solve the problem, Tony."

But Miss Tobin was talking about a math problem on the blackboard and Tony was thinking about a real problem.

If his parents, or his frien...
Item Number: 3752
$27.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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