Hiawatha's Kind Heart

Series: Volume 15

Walt Disney Productions, 40 pages, about 1200 words

Item Number: 2288

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Product Description:

What an important day it is in the village where little Hiawatha lives. All the Indian Braves are going on a hunt. And happy as Hiawatha is with his mother in their small village, he longs for the adventure of a good hunt. So, he decides to show the Chief that he can hunt for his food, too. He takes his bow and arrows, and paddles his small canoe to the nearby forest. In no time, he's found a kind-hearted dear, a brave mother quail, a scared little bunny, and a busy beaver. This is exactly what he's been looking for - a chance to hunt for his own food; a chance to prove he, too, can be a real Brave. But now that he's met the forest animals, Hiawatha doesn't want to shoot them. He'd rather be their friend. Perhaps there's more than one way to become a Brave ...

For ages 4 to 8.

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