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Series: Timeless Tales series
Retold by Tanya Reiff, 37 pages, about 4000 words
Item Number: 3506

This is a Children's Text-Braille book, which means that in addition to raised Braille, it has extra features.What is a Text-Braille Book?

This book for the blind is offered in Original or Unified English Braille.What is Original Braille?What is Unified English Braille

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Fables in this book:
The Rabbit and the Turtle
The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs
The Crow and the Pitcher
The Wind and the Sun
The Fox and the Grapes
The Fox and the Goat
The Fox and the Stork
The Ants and the Grasshopper
The Monkey and the Fish
The Three Bulls and the Lion
The Boy Who Cried "Wolf"
The Wolf and the Lion
The Lion and the Mouse
Belling the Cat
The Country Mouse and the City Mouse
The Wolf and the House Dog

For ages 5 to 9.

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