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Dumbo at Bat

Series: Volume 8
Walt Disney Productions, 39 pages, about 1200 words
Item Number: 3281

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Dumbo the elephant loves being the star of the circus. He's the only flying elephant in the world, and the crowd goes wild when he sores above the ring. But over the next few days, he's not going to be doing much flying. The circus is closing down for a while so the wagons can get painted. To pass the time, the animals decide to have a baseball game against the clowns. Everyone's a superb player ... everyone except poor Dumbo. He can't hit or catch, he can't even run without falling flat on his face. Timothy Mouse knows what's wrong. Dumbo doesn't believe he can do it. He knows Dumbo will never play ball until he believes in himself. It'll be a race against time for Timothy, to boost Dumbo's self esteem before the jeering clowns win the game of the year.

For ages 4 to 8.

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