Donald Cries Wolf!

Series: Volume 14

Walt Disney Productions, 39 pages, about 1400 words

Item Number: 2287

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Product Description:

Let's go camping! Mickey and Donald have headed off into the woods to spend a night in a tent, warmed by a crackling campfire. The only problem is: Donald's terrified of animals - especially ones that lurk in the shadows. Before the tent is up, Donald is spooked by a skunk, an owl, and a friendly rabbit. Still, Mickey's always there to keep him safe. That is, until Mickey goes to bed. For Donald, quaking at every terrifying sound, it's the longest night of all time. Then, the duck has an idea. What if Mickey got up because there was a wolf close by? Before long, Mickey is grumpily looking around for a wolf that was never there. Not so smart ... his friend assures Donald he will not get up until morning, and goes back to sleep. and he's still sound asleep when two bright, yellow eyes appear in the bushes. Oh, if only he hadn't played that trick on Mickey! For it's a gigantic, hungry wolf ... and now Donald's on his own ...

For ages 4 to 8.

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