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Compact White Cane

Small, Affordable Cane, Lightweight yet Durable
Item Number: 1113
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40 Inches

Item Number: 1113-1
Kiddo Cane, 5 sections.

Price: $19.95 Shipping: FREE From our Distribution Center
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48 Inches

Item Number: 1113-2
Mama Cane, 6 sections.

Price: $19.95 Shipping: FREE From our Distribution Center
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52 Inches

Item Number: 1113-3
Papa Cane, 6 sections.

Price: $19.95 Shipping: FREE From our Distribution Center
Papa Cane, 6 sections.

Product Features

  • Built to last for miles of travel.
  • Made of heavy-gage aluminum.
  • Sturdy joint design provides superior tactile transmission.
  • Cane sports a basic plastic nob on top and a short pencil tip on the bottom.
  • Shorter, 9-inch sections make the cane more compact.
  • An elastic on the top section keeps cane from accidentally unfolding.
  • Package Weight: about 7 ounces.

Product Description

A revolution in mobility aids for the blind! This durable, aluminum cane has been designed to be both portable and affordable - without sacrificing quality.

This pocket-sized, lightweight cane is so small, so light, you can easily take it with you anywhere you go. Slide it into a pocket, tuck it in a purse, or cram it into a bulging suitcase. You'll forget you even have it with you ... until you need it. Then, simply dig it out, pull off the elastic, and let go. With a quick flick of the wrist the cane extends to its full length - and you can travel with confidence and safety once more.

On the top of the cane, you'll find a simple, plastic nob. This gives you something comfortable to rest your hand on when waiting to cross the street, and insures you don't accidentally drop the cane while traveling. An elastic about halfway down the first section is used to keep the cane folded when not being used, and helps keep your hand in the same place on the aluminum grip. This design, in place of the heavy golf grip, cuts down on both the price of your new cane - as well as its weight.

Your new Compact Cane will be no more than ten inches in length when folded and is comprised of six sections. This makes a huge difference when the cane is not in use, as it fits into those tight spaces easily.

Finally, on the end of the Compact Folding Cane, you'll find a simple pencil tip. Good for miles of travel, this hardened plastic tip adds to the cane's portability and low cost. However, if you prefer a different type of tip, don't despair! Our Compact Canes have the same diameter as the traditional AmbuTech canes - so their tips fit perfectly on our Compact ones.

Product Directions

Directions for the Compact White Cane From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

To change the tip on your Compact White Cane, please follow the below directions carefully.

1. Unfold your cane so that it is fully extended.
2. To remove the tip, Grasp the final section of cane in your left hand, and take hold of the tip with the other. Gently pull the tip away from the cane, rotating slightly to ease the neck of the tip out of the bottom of the shaft. After lots of use, the tip is usually quite stiff, so you may need to pull quite hard to dislodge the tip from the cane.
Once the tip comes off, it will pull some of the elastic out of the cane with it. It is this elastic from which you can detach the old tip and to which you attach the new one.
3. DO NOT let go of the elastic at any time while changing the cane tip. (You may need to enlist the services of someone else to hold the elastic for you during this process.)
4. Untie the cane tip that is currently on the cane and set it aside.
5. Now securely tie the new cane tip onto your cane.
6. Let the elastic gently slide back into the cane, and use your cane as usual with your new tip attached.

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