Small Beeping Box: Great for Sports, O-M, and More

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Include package of Four AA batteries for $1.25?

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Product Features

Light-weight, portable, measures 3" long.
Emits 4 beeps, pauses for a second, then beeps again.
Tuck into your pocket; attach it to virtually any object with tape, rubber band, or strip of Velcro.
Use for mobility, games, bike-riding, etc.
Takes 1 AA battery (not included).

Product Description:

Here's a neat little unit! Measuring less than three inches long (and light enough so you'll forget you've even got it with you), our beeper box emits a series of four beeps, pauses for a second, then beeps some more. You can easily tuck it into your pocket, or stick it to virtually any object with tape, a rubber band, or a strip of Velcro.

This tiny device has a million creative uses. When working with young blind or visually impaired children, you can go hide the beeper somewhere, and have the child track it down - much like a game of Hide and Seek. And when kids get older and you're teaching them mobility skills (how to use the white cane), this little beeper is very useful for audibly marking landmarks, street corners, etc. We've even heard of sighted folks attaching our beeper to a handlebar on their bicycles, so their blind friends can follow them on their bikes! (Uses one AA battery - which is not included.)

Package Weight: about 0.7 ounces.

(From the Sporting Goods shelf.)

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