A Promise Is a Promise

by Robert Munsch, 20 pages, about 2000 words

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Product Description:

This delightful adventure takes place in the Northwest Territories. Allashua is cautioned not to go fishing on the sea ice because the Qallupilluit, who live under the sea ice, grab children who aren't with their parents. She disregards her mother's warning, and thus begins her encounter with the Qallupilluit. Allashua makes a promise to the Qallupilluit, and it takes all her mother's wit to keep ALL her children. Told with humor throughout, this story gives a glimpse into a world many of us know little about, and teaches a valuable lesson besides. Children will be fascinated with the unique blend of adventure and humor, and all will love the plot. A truly great story.

For ages 4 to 7.

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