A Girl Named Helen Keller

Series: Hello Reader! Series

by Margo Lundell, 39 pages, about 1400 words

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This is a Children's Text-Braille book, which means that in addition to raised Braille, it has extra features. What is a Text-Braille Book?

This book for the blind is offered in Original or Unified English Braille. What is Original Braille? What is Unified English Braille

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Product Description:

The Kellers are devastated to discover that their two-year-old girl is both blind and deaf after a severe illness. Determined to help her live like other children, the Kellers hire Anne Sullivan, a teacher from a school for the blind. Miss Sullivan first has to tame the wild and spoiled Helen, then spend hours working with her, trying to get her to understand her surroundings. Finally, and against all odds, Anne's diligence pays off - and Helen's world suddenly opens up. Helen later writes about this miraculous moment, "My heart began to sing!"

For ages 7 to 9.

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