You Must Be Joking! (Lots of Cool Jokes, Plus 17-1/2 Tips for Remembering, Telling, and Making Up You)

by Paul Brewer, 61 pages

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Product Description:

Children love to be funny and to swap cool jokes. All of the classic joke formats - jump jokes, knock-knocks, riddles, puns, and many more - are included and grouped by themes that reflect children's interests and lives - including technology, monsters, aliens, families, school, and silly book, movie, and song titles. Each chapter ends with a "half-joke", so that readers can test their growing skills by making up a punch line.

The seventeen-and-a-half tips at the end of the book help the reader to develop confidence and a personal style of telling jokes. Also included are guidelines for writing funny jokes. This collection of over two-hundred jokes will appeal to the class clown and stand-up performer in every child.

For ages 8 to 12.

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