War Dog Heroes (True Stories of Dog Courage in Wartime)

by Jeanette Sanderson, 93 pages

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The soldier took off to deliver an urgent message. He tore through tall, thick, sharp-edged grass. He ducked the rain of enemy fire. He plunged into and swam across a river. He leapt over a barbed-wire fence. He landed in a foxhole and delivered the message. During his dangerous mission, this soldier showed intelligence, bravery, strength, and loyalty. Who was he? He was Sandy, a dog who served with the United States Marines in World War II.

Sandy is but one in a long line of four-footed soldiers. The traits of most dogs - extraordinary senses of hearing and smell, loyalty, intelligence, speed, and coordination - have made them of great value to men at war for thousands of years.

From the battles of ancient Egypt to the recent Gulf War, war dogs have been crucial and heroic additions to any armed force. Here, therefore, are exciting stories of heroism and friendship - between humans and their courageous canine companions during wartime.

For ages 8 to 12.

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