The Wimp of the World

by Alison Cragin Herzig and Jane Lawrence Mali, 71 pages

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"Ten-year-old Bridget wants to fit in with her three older brothers, and the boys are perfectly willing to help her out. It's easy for them to lay down the law: no flowered shorts, plenty of push-ups, and, for heaven's sake, no dresses. Finding a niche for herself is particularly important, since her parents are expecting a new baby, and it appears the baby is to be Bridget's new roommate. Unfortunately, Bridget's endeavors to change come to a quick halt when her beloved 68-year-old great-aunt Dawsie, who has always made Bridget feel special, announces her engagement. Bridget is suddenly afraid she's losing her very best friend." - Stephanie Zvirin, Booklist.

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