The Weather

Series: Science in Action series

by Frank Dalton, 63 pages

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The weather is something we take for granted. We wake up to different weather every day - sunshine, rain, snow, hail, fog, mist, clear skies, cloudy skies, strong winds, light breezes. What is it that causes all these varying weather conditions? Why, indeed, does the weather change at all? And have you ever wondered just how the weather forecaster collects his information about wind, rain and sunshine?

As an experienced forecaster, Frank Dalton explains how scientists use balloons, satellites and computers to follow the weather. The author also goes behind the weather to explain the science of it. He shows how rainclouds form, for example, and what causes a wind to spring up. He takes us, too, inside the clouds to show the amazing cycle that rain goes through before falling to earth. And, up above the clouds, he reveals the unseen world of freezing temperatures and fierce winds that affect our daily weather. The world of weather is an exciting one to read about and to study.

For ages 9 to 12.

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