The Test

Series: Animorphs Series #43

by K. A. Applegate, 151 pages

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Product Description:

Tobias hates Taylor. She's the reason he'll be a hawk for the rest of his life. It's because of her that he was taken to the Yeerk pool--the reason he was forced to stay in morph longer than the magical two hour limit. But Taylor's back ... with a disgusting plan.

It seems Taylor and Visser Three have had a falling out. According to Taylor, she wants revenge--she'd like to see Visser Three eliminated. For good. But this plan is Yeerk, through and through. Can the Animorphs trust Taylor to help them fight the Andalite war against the Yeerks, her own kind? Or is there more to this story than simple revenge? ...

For ages 9 to 12.

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