The Spell of the Yukon

by Robert W. Service, 29 pages

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Robert Service wrote in the golden years of the Klondike. No one in Service's world (real or imagined) minced words or had any self-consciousness about them. It was live and let live - and sometimes kill or be killed. Reading his poems transports us back to that frozen place in nature when it was literally every man and every woman for him/herself.

This is a classic. PERIOD! Do yourself a favor and get this little book so you can memorize The Cremation of Sam McGee if nothing else. You will always have a way to keep small children spellbound with this captivating verse. This - along with Service's other poems (such as The Shooting of Dan McGrew) - have a magical way of transporting you to the Yukon. You'll truly feel as though you are there while reading these poems!

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