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The Nightingale

by Hans Christian Andersen, 15 pages
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Far away in China lies a splendid, glittering palace. It's the home of the royal emperor and his servants. Poetry, songs and even books have been written about the great palace, insisting it's the grandest place in the world. Then comes the book that changes everything - it seems there's a nightingale deep in the woods who perches on the bow of a tree overlooking the deep sea, singing the most beautiful song ever heard. Since the book declares the bird better than anything else in China, the emperor decides he must have the bird brought to the palace. Though eager to sing for him, the nightingale values freedom more than anything else. With the power that only music can bring, the nightingale teaches the emperor to respect the wishes of everyone in his kingdom - even those of the dear little nightingale who sings more beautifully than any creature in his country.

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(From the Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales shelf.)