The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter (A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Fascinating Facts)

by David Colbert, 167 pages

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Have witches always flown on broomsticks? Where does magic come from? Why do wizards use wands?

J. K. Rowling's young heroic wizard, Harry Potter, lives in a world populated by dragons, centaurs, trolls, giants - and a three-headed dog named Fluffy - among other creatures from ancient myths and legends. Discover the astonishing origins of supernatural beasts, clues to hidden meanings in names, and amazing facts about real-life wizards and magic spells. From Alchemists to Unicorns, Basilisks to Veela, this fascinating compendium brings another dimension to Harry's adventures.

"Harry Potter lovers will see this book as a must-have for their collections, while teachers, librarians and parents can use it to start discussions on past people or events. An impressive tool that's not to be missed!" - Matt Warner, Barnes & Noble Review.
For ages 9 to 12 and older readers.

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