The Last Battle

Series: Chronicles of Narnia #7

by C. S. Lewis, 201 pages

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Narnia ... Where dwarfs are loyal and tough and strong (or are they?), where you must say good-bye ... And where the adventure begins again.

When the last battle of the last King of Narnia begins, Jill and Eustace, the children from beyond the World's End, are there to help fight it - Eustace bravely flourishing his long Narnian sword, and Jill with string and bow. The young King Tirian, in his darkest hour, has called them in the name of Aslan, the great lion, because when things are at their worst in Narnia, the children have always come. Treachery has thinned the ranks of the Narnians, and the spears of the evil Calormenes are long and many. But Jewel, the lordly Unicorn, the talking dogs, the little gnawing animals, Farsight the Eagle, the Bear, and the Boar are all ranged on the side of the King. With the noble cause of Aslan in their hearts, they step forward, without fear, to join Narnia's last battle.

In this, the seventh and last of C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, all the old friends from the earlier books meet again in a scene of radiant glory, bringing this saga of magic, mystery, and high adventure to an unforgettable end.

For ages 9 to 12.

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