The Holy Bible in Original Contracted Braille

Inspired Word of God in Grade 2 Braille

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First of all, please select which version of the Bible you prefer - KJV, NKJ, NIV, NASU, NRSV, ESV, CEV, MEV, NLT, GNT, or MSG.

OK! Now, because Braille books are so much larger than print ones, they unfortunately cost a lot more to produce. For this reason, We give you the option of purchasing the entire Bible, just the books in the Old Testament, only the books in the New Testament, or each volume individually. (As you've probably guessed, selecting one or two specific books is the most inexpensive way to go.

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Product Description:

Now all sixty-six books of the Bible are available in Braille! From the mysterious Old Testament stories to the straightforward teachings of Jesus to the encouraging early-church letters, reading God's book will jump-start your heart, challenge your mind, and forever change your life.

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