The Fannie Farmer Junior Cookbook

by Joan Scobey, 309 pages

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"There are few easier ways to help children learn to read and follow directions carefully than to ask them to prepare something from a recipe. My favorite Non-Book-Report assignment for youngsters who select cookbooks is the preparation of any recipe they choose. I've received some marvelous notes from family members and acquaintances commenting on delicious successes - or spectacular failures! A guide to basic foods and how to use them, introduction to the tools of a chef's trade, explanation of cooking terms and safety pointers invaluable for cooks young and old precede the more than one hundred recipes for basic foods - from soup (French onion) to nut raisin cookies in The Fannie Farmer Junior Cookbook. This is truly a must for any young chef's personal library. Remember it when parents next ask you for gift-book ideas." - Beverly Kobrin, Children's Literature.

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