The Amplified Bible in Original Contracted Braille

Clarified Word of God in Classic Grade 2 Braille

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Okay! Now, because Braille books are so much larger than print ones, they unfortunately cost a lot more to produce. For this reason, We give you the option of purchasing the entire Bible, just the books in the Old Testament, only the books in the New Testament, or each volume individually. (As you've probably guessed, selecting one or two specific books is the most inexpensive way to go.

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Product Description:

The Amplified Bible was the first Bible project of The Lockman Foundation. It attempts to take both word meaning and context into account in order to accurately translate the original text from one language into another. The Amplified Bible does this through the use of explanatory alternate readings and amplifications to assist the reader in understanding what Scripture really says. Therefore, multiple English word equivalents to each key Hebrew and Greek word clarify and amplify meanings that may otherwise have been concealed by the traditional translation method.

Your Bible will be produced for you in contracted Braille - please contact us if you would like it in uncontracted Braille instead.

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