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Stranger in Dadland

by Amy Goldman Koss, 223 pages
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California, AKA Dadland doesn't exactly feel like home to John, who lives with his mom and sister in Kansas. But every summer John flies to L.a. to see his father, and every summer he hopes for a visit filled with enough dad time to make up for the rest of the year apart. He's twelve now, and so far he's been disappointed. But maybe this year will be different. Even though Dad's Muzak-playing, gum-chewing girlfriend is constantly tagging along and the weird kid next door keeps inviting himself over, even though Dad has planned more meetings with clients than outings with his one-and-only son, John refuses to give up without a fight. He's sick of feeling like a stranger in Dadland. Amy Goldman Koss brings her characteristic blend of sass and tenderness to this engaging, funny tale of family negotiations and juggling acts-- and of a summer vacation that might actually be a vacation after all.
For ages 10 to 13.

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