Storm Catchers

by Tim Bowler, 275 pages

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"Tell a soul and she's dead. We'll be in touch."

The kidnapping shocks the whole family. Ella has been snatched away from the house in the middle of a storm. Her brother Fin will never forgive himself for leaving her on her own. And now Sam, their little brother, has gone wandering on the cliff to "catch the storm" as it blows out to sea.

As the kidnapper's plans unfold, all the members of the family are forced to confront their deepest, darkest secrets. Fin comes to realize that Ella is not the only victim and that the real villain may be closer to home than anyone thought.

A new storm is breaking on the horizon. And it's going to change everything ...

For junior and senior high readers.

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(From the Teen Mystery and Suspense shelf.)