Stinker From Space

by Pamela F. Service, 119 pages

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Product Description:

When the crash of his spaceship in Midwestern America results in mortal injury to his current body, alien Tsynq yr must make a quick switch, and the only immediately available host seems to be a skunk. While testing the capabilities of his new form, Tsynq yr happens upon Karen, who fantasizes about the interstellar world but never expects to find herself in mind communication with a skunk.

Tsynq yr, quickly and aptly dubbed Stinker, must return to his planet with valuable military information--but how? In Pamela Service's hilarious fantasy, Karen and her computer-buff friend, Jonathan, will find a way--but only after causing an uproar in their families, at NASA, and among the local skunk population.

For ages 8 to 11.

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