Silent Superstitions

Series: Christy Fiction Series #2

by Catherine Marshall, Adapted by C. Archer, 139 pages

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Product Description:

The old woman glared at Christy with fury in her eyes. "You brought the curse with you, girl!"

That's what Granny O'Teale said. And everybody in the Cove seemed to believe it was true--their new school teacher, nineteen-year-old Christy Huddleston, was cursed.

After all, who could explain Bob Allen's mysterious accident on his way to bring Christy to Cutter Gap? Or the lightning strike that sent a tree through the school window ... or the sudden appearance of a sleek raven soaring around Christy?

Granny is determined to drive Christy out of Cutter Gap forever. Will fear and superstition triumph? Or, will Christy overcome, and win the hearts of the mountain people?

For ages 10 to 13.

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