by Jack Schaefer, 201 pages

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He rode into our valley in the summer of '89, a slim man, dresses in black. "Call me Shane," he said. He never told us more. There was a deadly calm in the valley that summer, a slow, climbing tension that seemed to focus on Shane. "There's something about him," Mother said. "Something ... dangerous ..." "He's dangerous all right," Father said, "... but not to us ..." "He's like one of these here slow burning fuses," the mule skinner said. "Quiet ... so quiet you forget it's burning till it sets off a hell of a blow of trouble. And there's trouble brewing."

Taut ... Grim ... Unforgettable ...

In the summer of 1889, a mysterious and charismatic man rides into a small Wyoming valley, where he joins homesteaders who take a stand against a bullying cattle rancher, and where he forever changes the lives of a young boy and his parents.
For junior and senior high readers.

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