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Rising Water

by P. J. Petersen, 169 pages
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Kevin, who was arrested for stealing a car, is assigned to volunteer at an animal rescue agency as part of his release agreement. Luke, one of the other volunteers, is happy to have Kevin's help, but Luke's sister, Tracy, is annoyed by the newcomer's attitude. Then heavy winter rains cause the levee to break, and the unruly river floods the town. Luke and Tracy, who have a boat, set out to help the neighbors who are fleeing their homes, and Luke asks Kevin to accompany them. The trio's attempt to do good becomes a perilous adventure when they spot looters in an empty house. In trying to identify the thieves, Luke is captured, and the burglars shoot a hole in the boat. Battling both the elements and their fears, Tracy and Kevin must figure out a way to save Luke--and themselves. In a riveting adventure on the water, P. J. Petersen combines action with human relationships to create a novel as gripping as his award-winning White Water. "Petersen creates and sustains sympathetic characters, and involves them in situations where their mettle can be truly tested. Readers will be quickly caught up in the action and carried along through the rapids and boulders to the very end .... An excellent adventure story." - School Library Journal. "The character development is acute and believable. ... The book is a thrill-ride--as the complications mount and a grittily determined Greg ingeniously responds to them, readers will come to admire him as much as James does." - Kirkus Reviews.
For ages 11 to 14.

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