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Series: A What's Happening to My Body Book for Younger Girls

by Lynda Madaras, 115 pages

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From the award-winning author of the best books on puberty comes a completely new book written especially for eight to eleven-year-old girls. Young girls before the onset of puberty have a curiosity about their soon-to-be changing bodies that needs addressing in a simpler way than for their older sisters. In the proven, trust-worthy, Madaras-friendly voice and style, this entirely new book now brings them the same kind of thoughtful, down-to-earth information ... but at a reading and understanding level that's just right for them. Responding throughout to real-life questions and observations from younger girls, Madaras explores the strange and thrilling changes that are happening, or about to happen, to them, including: the development of breasts, body hair, and body fat; the changes in their reproductive organs, both inside and out; their first period and all the complex feelings surrounding it; the unwelcome appearance of acne and new body odors; and, perhaps most important, how to respect and celebrate their unique bodies, even when the outside world is not always so accepting. A must-read for all young girls and their parents!

For ages 8 to 11.

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