My Name is Evil

Series: The Nightmare Room #3

by R. L. Stine, 159 pages

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Product Description:

Say Happy Birthday to Maggie O'Connor. She's that shy, pretty girl standing outside the fortune-teller's tent. Maggie and her friends came to the carnival for fun. But Maggie won't be celebrating for long. The old woman who reads her palm will soon have Maggie screaming in horror. Because Maggie hasn't really entered a fortune-teller's tent. She has stepped into THE NIGHTMARE ROOM.

I'm R.l. Stine. Let me introduce you to Maggie O'Connor. She's the red-haired girl with the excited smile on her face.

Why is she smiling? Well, today is Maggie's birthday. She's thirteen today--and what could be better than celebrating this special time with her three best friends?

They've taken Maggie to the little carnival on the pier. And now they've stopped outside the fortune-teller's tent. "Let's go in," one of Maggie's friends urges. "You have to have your fortune told on your birthday!"

Maggie follows her friends inside. The fortune-teller picks up Maggie's hand and starts to read her palm. ...

In a few seconds, the tent will ring out with Maggie's cries of horror.

Happy birthday, Maggie. But be careful. When you step into the fortune-teller's tent, you're stepping into ... THE NIGHTMARE ROOM.

For ages 10 to 14.

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