Morgy Makes His Move

by Maggie Lewis, 71 pages

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Morgy hates being the new kid in a new school in a new town in a new state. He wishes he were back in California. Here in Massachusetts he has to cope with Ferguson, who's older and seems to have singled out Morgy to pick on. Ferguson is even there when Morgy tries to learn how to play hockey, and he never misses a chance to dump Morgy on the ice. And hockey becomes even more humiliating when Morgy is demoted from the ten-and-unders to the seven-and-unders, where he's the oldest kid on the team. Each day brings more things to get used to, from weird Boston accents to surviving the blizzard of the century. Gradually, though, Morgy begins to figure out life in Puckett Corner and learns that he just might fit in after all.

For ages 7 to 10.

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