Mission to Mars

by Franklyn Mansfield Branley, 9 pages

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"The renowned science writer posthumously invites readers to set their sights on the high frontier by envisioning themselves as members of the first Mars Mission's crew. In its current configuration, the mission will involve departing from the International Space Station for multiple rendezvous with previously launched, unmanned vehicles, both in the orbit of Mars and on the planet's surface. Crew members will drill for water, watch for dust storms, experience both light gravity and severe cold, and, of course, explore.

What will they find? The author makes a few suggestions based on what we already know about Mars, but also, "you will find things no one could have imagined. No one knows what may be discovered, and that is one of the main reasons why we want to go there."" - School Library Journal: John Peters, New York Public Library.

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