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Lilly to the Rescue

by Brenda Bellingham, 21 pages
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"More than anything, Lilly wants a best friend. She hopes that her neighbor Minna will want the job, and sets out to prove her loyalty by protecting Minna and Kendall (another neighbor) from the school bully. When her classmates label her "Bossy-boots" because of her strong personality, Lilly is heartbroken, convinced that Minna sees her in the same way. At first determined to curb her take-charge tendencies, Lilly finds that bossiness is sometimes an asset when she saves Kendall from a dog he has foolishly baited. Minna comforts Lilly with an "old Chinese saying": "To save foolish person, wise person must sometimes be bossy." The tone and reading level of this simple story are ideal for transitional readers. Bellingham shows a remarkable respect for and understanding of the nature of childhood friendships, where a single misread look can cause a mountain of hurt feelings." - Kathleen Kelly, Children's Literature.

For ages 6 to 9.

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