by Winifred Morris, 175 pages

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Alex has listened to his mother's lies his whole life. She has driven him to do things that even surprise himself and that nearly landed him in a "training school." Now, at fifteen, he has a chance to make a fresh start living with his grandparents in the small town of Rimrock, Oregon. Yet even with a new life laid out before him, Alex's past hangs over him like a shadow. His mother has left him full of anger and unanswered questions. In Rimrock, he finds friends and family that he never had before, but to keep them he must battle his impulses to fight, steal, and lie for survival. Alex's growing understanding of all that he must overcome is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. In the skilled hands of Winifred Morris, his struggle to reshape his life becomes a moving story of self-discovery and renewal.
For ages 11 to 14.

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