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Kids Are Worth It! (Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline)

by Barbara Coloroso, 421 pages
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Barbara Coloroso's powerful message is that good parenting begins with treating kids with respect. It means giving them a sense of power in their own lives, and offering them opportunities to make decisions, take responsibility for their actions, and learn from their own successes and mistakes. Rejecting the "quick-fix" solutions of punishment and reward, she uses everyday family situations - from sibling rivalry to teenage rebellion - to demonstrate sound strategies for giving children the inner discipline and self-confidence that will help them grow into responsible, resourceful, and resilient adults.

Three basic tenets to a good parent/child relationship;
Why discipline is not learned through threats and bribes;
Why teaching a child how to think instead of what to think builds self-confidence;
The good news about the strong-willed child;
Three alternatives to always saying "No";
How to buffer your children from the dangers of sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, and other self-destructive behavior;
Using mealtime, bedtime, toilet-training, chores, allowance, and sibling rivalry as opportunities to help children develop their own sense of inner discipline.

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